HSH Half Scale Elevated Rail System

Liberty Run

Maglev Test System

at the

City of Lawrenceburg
Dearborn County

Full Scale InterUrban Maglev Transportation and Municipal Infrastructure System.

The City of Lawrenceburg Indiana takes the lead for Hydrogen Infrastructure in the State of Indiana.

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Elevated Rail System Proposal

Preview the location site for the fabrication of the first operational maglev test system from the Interstate Traveler Company at the IVY Tech hi-tech manufacturing campus on Tanners Creek in Lawrenceburg Indiana

The HSH Elevated Rail System

In Full & Half Scale

The HSH Elevated Rail System

As Proposed for Lansing Mi

The HSH Elevated Rail System

On Grand River Ave

East Lansing Michigan Area

HSH Rail Section - Panels - Coils - Conduit HiRes -03
HSH Ivy Tech Half Mile Ride Map
Topo Map Tanner's Creek Area

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Download HSH MCM Press Release Here