HSH Half Scale Elevated Rail System

The Motor City Maglev

The Interstate Traveler Company of Michigan Presents Full and Half Scale InterUrban Transportation System for the Greater Detroit and Lansing Area.

Having its first publications back in 2002 the Interstate Traveler Project of Michigan won full unanimous support from the Michigan House and Senate in 2003.   Now the company brings forward a newly updated and expanded proposal to include three options to connect Detroit with greater South East Michigan using full-scale for the Interstate along with a half-scale system to connect the Lansing Capitol Area with Meridian Mall with East Lansing in the Center.

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Elevated Rail System Proposal

Full Scale Installation connecting the Detroit and Lansing Suburban Regions inclusive of a Ten County Region along with an interurban Half-Scale installation connecting the economic region spanning from the Capitol Area of Lansing to Meridian Mall. 

The HSH Elevated Rail System

As Proposed for Lansing Mi

The HSH Elevated Rail System

On Grand River Ave

East Lansing Michigan Area

The HSH Elevated Rail System

In Full & Half Scale

Capitol Center Loop to Meridian Mall
Capitol Center Loop Detail
Meridan Mall Detail
Detroit Ann Arbor and Lansing 3 Options